Root Warrior. 6-Pack Prevents Overwatering in Planters. All Houseplants, Flowers and Herbs. Food Safe. Indoor. Outdoor. All Season


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    • Item Volume: 5 Gallons
    • Style: Garden
    • Brand: Plant Warrior
    • Flowers and Herbs. Food Safe


    Set of 6. Ideal for 10″ to 12? tall planters. Indoor Houseplants. Outdoor Plants and Vegetable Gardens. Decks, patios and small spaces.
    In hot, dryer climates water more frequently with no concerns of overwatering. Growing plants in pots and planters is a different environment, container soils are different, planting location is unique and isolated from the ground. The soil?s most important function is to store and supply the water and minerals essential for plant survival. Soil aeration is a critical element for plant growth as it supplies oxygen.
    Plants need to be thoughtfully managed. When we water our plants correctly it soaks into the soil. A certain amount of water is held by the soil pores, remaining water gradually percolates downward to the depth of the planter and all the soil is filled with water and your plant?s roots have space to grow. Root Warrior then allows excessive water to flow out and away from the roots.
    Skip the gravel in the bottom of the pot. It will create a result completely contrary to the drainage you want to achieve. Garden myths suggest using this method to improve drainage. If debris is added to the bottom of the planter there?s even less room for the roots to grow.
    Root Warrior is Reusable. Safe for food. Simple to Use. Easy to Clean. Recyclable. 15-degree angled aeration chamber effectively minimizes soil compaction and enhances air circulation.